Let’s Get Real (With Facts) About Later Abortion

Recently, abortion opponents have engaged in a bad-faith campaign to demonize later abortion. Inflammatory rhetoric that does not reflect the reality of later abortion has ricocheted around the country from Virginia, to New York, to the United States Senate, to Donald Trump’s rallies and Tweets.

We must not stand idly by as people who have later abortions endure attacks on their dignity and humanity. Join us for a compassionate, fact-based discussion about later abortion.

Featured speakers include:

  • Sruthi Chandrasekaran, Senior Project Manager of Later Abortion Initiative, Ibis Reproductive Health
  • Erika Christensen, Patient Advocate and Co-Founder of the RHAvote campaign
  • Garin Marschall, Patient Advocate and Co-Founder of the RHAvote campaign
  • Chelsea Souder, Director of Clinical Services/Communications Director,
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