Rape Culture Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

No one should feel unsafe while walking home. No one should be yelled at in the street. No one should have to hold their drink all night to make sure someone doesn’t tamper with it.

Rape culture puts the responsibility of not being assaulted on the potential victim. It normalizes sexual abuse, assault, and disbelieving sexual assault survivors.

In this webinar, we’ll define rape culture, describe how it impacts different communities, and show why it’s a reproductive justice issue. We’ll also include tips for self-care and healing.

Our guest panelists include:
• Jaclyn Friedman, author, speaker, activist, creator of Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Empowerment and a World Without Rape
• Charlie Chadwick, Campus Advocate and Training Coordinator at the Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program

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