Transgender Advocacy in Missouri

Reproaction’s grassroots organizing team is on the ground in several states, including Missouri, which has long served as the testing ground for all manner of oppressive policy and initiatives. Missouri is home to many amazing organizers leading unapologetic and dynamic work, and this month’s Act and Learn webinar will focus on the work being done in the state to raise awareness of the challenges faced by transgender people and to challenge barriers to equality.

We will hear from the people organizing to lift up transgender leadership, and learn how they center transgender and gender nonconforming people in the education of the public, media, and legislators.

Speakers include:

  • Justice Gatson, Kansas City Organizer with the ACLU of Missouri
  • Miyonnee Hickman, Intervention/Outreach Specialist with The Community Wellness Project
  • Jay-Marie Hill, #DecrimTheHustle Coalition and Trans Justice Organizer with the ACLU of Missouri
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