The Missouri Infant and Maternal Mortality Campaign Arrives in the Bootheel

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By: Evonnia Woods

By Evonnia Woods

On Monday, September 11, Reproaction had its third maternal and infant mortality event screening in Charleston, MO. Bootheel for Babies and Families, a comprehensive community effort to reduce infant mortality in the southeastern region of Missouri, was kind enough to find a venue and advertise the event to their community. There were 23 adult attendees and one precious baby. Panelists included the CEO of Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium, Cynthia Dean, and two professors from Southeast Missouri University.

We had time to learn more about the wonderful work local organizations are doing to address infant mortality in Southeast Missouri. Southeast Missouri is mostly rural, and this region of the state touts the highest infant mortality rates in the state. It was great to see community members sitting alongside healthcare workers learning more about maternal and infant mortality.

For more information about the Missouri Infant and Maternal Mortality campaign, visit our campaign page.

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