Fake Clinic Operator Acknowledges Holocaust, Says Abortion Is Worse

| Reproaction

By: Erin Matson

Anti-abortion fake clinics exist to mislead and shame people seeking abortion care, and some of the most well-funded fake clinics are run by people who, frankly, lack common decency.

The latest? Fake clinic operator and promoter Brian Fisher just sent out an email to his base acknowledging “the Jewish Holocaust.” His next sentence? “Abortion, however, is the worst genocide in history.” This is an untenable insult to the millions of people murdered in genocides, including the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust because they were Jewish.

Reproaction has been leading the fight against Human Coalition and fake clinics around the country, and we’re not going to let this fly. We partnered with our friends at SisterSong to bring out more than 200 people to protest Human Coalition’s fake “Cura Women’s Care Clinic” in Atlanta, and we’re more than ready to come back in every community where our bold, confrontational work is necessary.

Immediately after our protest last summer, Brian Fisher released a video raising money off our campaign. It seems he was miffed by having his deceptive targeting and radical views called out – after all, the whole strategy of his fake clinics is to reach “abortion-determined” women through deception and make them think they are going to a real medical center that is free from anti-abortion bias, before providing misleading and shaming information designed to talk them out of abortion.

In that video trumpeting his pride in running fake clinics, he compared abortion to the Holocaust. It was especially poignant as the video was released the day of the funeral for Heather Heyer, the young woman murdered in Charlottesville while peacefully protesting neo-Nazis marching through her town. Given that he was directly targeting our work, I released a response video calling him out for his abortion and the Holocaust comparison. Now, with his latest ugly communication, it seems he is doubling down.

Here’s what you need to know: Anti-abortion fake clinics are dangerous. They are preventing people from accessing health care they need on a timely basis. They are deceiving and shaming women seeking abortion care. They are raking in millions of dollars in public funds, without accountability or oversight.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments in a case about fake clinics and free speech, let’s not forget what happens when fake clinic operators speak freely to their base. Anti-abortion fake clinics are run by people who lack common decency, and they are more than willing to use racism and anti-Semitism to achieve their ends. They must be held accountable for interfering with access to health care, the harm they cause to real people, and the public resources they don’t deserve in pursuit of their radical right-wing views.

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