Get Human Coalition’s Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics off North Carolina’s Payroll!


If you’ve been with Reproaction for the past few years, you will know that we have extensively tracked and researched the anti-abortion fake clinic chain Human Coalition, which uses creepy big data tools and business analytics to trick women seeking abortion into their clinics instead.

Not only that, but Human Coalition’s president Brian Fisher has made some outrageous comments about race, rape, religion, and ethnic cleansing. After Reproaction began this work, Human Coalition actually changed the name of their fake clinics. They absolutely don’t want to be exposed for what they really are, because they’re not just trying to stop abortions, they’re trying to ‘minister to women and get them involved with Human Coalition’s punishing brand of Christianity: one which is militantly against abortion, averse to LGBTQ rights, and insistent on Christian supremacy.

Sign our petition below to get Human Coalition’s anti-abortion fake clinics off North Carolina’s payroll!

Check out our Fighting Fake Clinics Toolkit for ways you can take on anti-abortion fake clinics where you live! And if you’re based in North Carolina and mad about Human Coalition’s use of your tax dollars, contact us for support in writing a letter to the editor in your local paper expressing your concerns!

Read on for more about the real Human Coalition, which operates fake clinics designed to shame and mislead people seeking abortion, on our blog!


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