Human Coalition’s Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics Are A Public Health Disaster

This legislative session, the anti-abortion fake clinic operator Human Coalition has lobbied for funding directly from state governments to push anti-abortion stigma and deception. We took action, circulating a petition and making noise to get Human Coalition off the payroll in North Carolina. Our materials about Human Coalition were also used by abortion rights advocates in Arizona while they fought off a proposal to award $7.5 million to Human Coalition fake clinics. Could they be coming to your state? Prepare yourself now.

This webinar will go behind-the-scenes of Human Coalition’s anti-abortion trickery and stigma-peddling. Join us to learn more and protect your community.

Panelists include:

  • Alice Huling, Counsel for Campaign for Accountability
  • Calla Hales, Director of A Preferred Women’s Health Clinics in North Carolina and Georgia
  • Amy Littlefield, Investigative Reporter with Rewire.News
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