Amy Coney Barrett is No Feminist

| Reproaction

By: Jessica Ensley

Being a woman does not make someone a feminist. Feminism isn’t about uplifting any woman to positions of power. It is a political movement founded on the basis that all genders are equal. Amy Coney Barrett has worked to undermine people’s autonomy and cannot hide behind the #GirlBoss façade the anti-abortion movement has tried so hard to push.

Barrett publicly supported an organization that wants to criminalize in vitro fertilization (IVF) and abortion providers. [1] She signed onto a newspaper advertisement that called Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that affirmed the constitutional right to abortion nationwide, ‘barbaric’. We’ve covered the ‘pro-life’ movement’s attempt to undermine feminism in the name of stripping away women’s rights many times. In fact, Big ‘Pro-Life’ hand-picked Barrett to be Trump’s nominee because they know she’ll vote to overturn Roe.

From 2010-2016, Barrett was a member of the University Faculty for Life at the University of Notre Dame. The group advertised an anti-abortion fake clinic which lures in patients seeking reproductive health care only to deceive them with disproven myths about abortion. [2]

Barrett’s track record on sexual assault, which disproportionately impacts women and transgender people, isn’t any better. [3]

In 2018, Barrett overturned a jury award to a teen who was allegedly raped in jail by a guard. Kyle Herrig, president of the progressive watchdog group Accountable told Salon, “After a 19-year-old pregnant prison inmate was repeatedly raped by a prison guard, Amy Coney Barrett ruled that the county responsible for the prison could not be held liable because the sexual assaults fell outside of the guard’s official duties.” [4] This horrific ruling makes clear that Barrett truly does not care about survivors of sexual assault or pregnant people.

Barrett later wrote a decision that makes it easier for college students accused of rape or sexual assault to sue universities based on the handling of the case. [5] Right now, campus sexual assault cases are underreported and the process often does not support survivors. [6] Barrett’s decision made an already difficult situation a whole lot worse for sexual assault survivors.

Amy Coney Barrett is no a champion for women, survivors, and those seeking reproductive health care. At every turn, she has shown that she will side with the anti-feminist and anti-abortion groups who are backing her Supreme Court nomination. Amy Coney Barrett is no feminist, and we must stop her confirmation and protect Roe.


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