Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics Are Afraid

| Reproaction

By: Erin Matson

I recently received an email from a public relations firm representing an anti-abortion fake clinic asking to be removed from our Fake Clinic Database. My answer? No.

We define anti-abortion fake clinics as institutions whose whole or substantial purpose is to dissuade people from having abortions. Often using names like “A Woman’s Choice” (really), anti-abortion fake clinics systematically mislead and shame people seeking abortion care. One common tactic is to present themselves as neutral on abortion.

Anti-abortion fake clinics don’t want people to know they’re anti-abortion so they can trick people looking for real reproductive health care providers. Deception is critical to their model because they know people in search of pregnancy-related support want honest and unbiased care, information, and resources, not an anti-abortion lecture.

No one needs an anti-abortion activist telling them they’re going to hell. The truth is that abortion is safe [1] and the overwhelming majority of people who have abortions say it was the right decision. [2] Anti-abortion fake clinics serve up disinformation and shame instead of truth, and depend on fronting like they’re something else to get people in their doors. It’s the opposite of compassion.

Check out the Fake Clinic Database anti-abortion activists don’t want you to see.



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