Donor-Advised Funds: The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Best Kept Secret

| Annie Romano | Reproaction

Donor-advised funds, or DAFs, are a popular tool of the anti-abortion conservative movement due to their anonymity and alluring tax benefits.

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| Elizabeth Skoski | Reproaction

Reproaction Kicks Off Stop Prosecuting Abortion Campaign

In a time when, across many states, women are already being sent to jail for self-managing their own abortions we are excited to be spearheading a movement that is not afraid to stand up to the hypocritical pro-life movement and demand anti-abortion lawmakers put down the handcuffs and stop putting women in jail.

| Shireen Shakouri | Reproaction

Women of Color Can’t Weather the Fight Against Abortion Criminalization Alone

We owe it to those who have died, been jailed, or otherwise experienced trauma to demand that ‘pro-life’ leaders put down the handcuffs and stop prosecuting abortion along with any pregnancy outcome, and end the demonization of reproductive choices made by women of color.

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