Discussing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Springfield, MO

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By: Evonnia Woods

On Sunday, April 15, Reproaction held its seventh screening event in Springfield, MO. About 60 people showed up on a snowy and very cold Sunday to watch Fusion TV Network’s documentary, The Naked Truth: Death by Delivery, and hear from some very special panelists about maternal and infant mortality. Panelists included a childhood education and family studies professor, sociology professor, nurse practitioner, nurse, and certified nurse midwife and nurse. These four panelists, along with the spectacular moderator, captivated the audience with a discussion that centered on causes and solutions for maternal and infant mortality. The event went so well that the overwhelming majority of attendees stayed past time to speak with the panelists and the co-organizers of the event.

As always, Reproaction is very thankful to the local organizations who work to make these screenings a success. For this screening, we owe our gratitude and appreciation to our co-organizers that worked so diligently to make this happen: Southwest Missouri NOW, NAACP Springfield, and Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. We are also grateful for the continued support we receive from the folks at Fusion TV Network. Last, but certainly not least, we thank the Sociologists for Women in Society’s Social Action Committee for supporting our maternal and infant mortality campaign and increasing our ability to make these events an enjoyable experience for attendees.

Ozarks First took the time to come out and learn more about our campaign and the issue of maternal and infant mortality. You can find their coverage here.

Visit our campaign page for more information about our Missouri Maternal and Infant Mortality campaign.

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