Protecting Your Data Online

| Reproaction

By: Jessica Ensley

With the fall of the constitutionally protected right to abortion, it is now more important than ever to protect our communities from potential harm. That is why Reproaction has insured that your data will not be shared with Big Tech companies such as Meta or Google when you use our website. Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address, a unique string of characters that contains your device and location information [1], cannot be accessed by Twitter, Meta, or Google when you visit

Abortion is banned in 13 states as of this writing, and the legal landscape remains uncertain. [2] This is a travesty for human rights, feminism, and personal autonomy. For people who self-managed their abortion or who are considering termination, the primary risk to them is legal, not medical. To date, there have been at least 20 arrests of women who ended their pregnancy outside of a medical setting. [3] We take these stats seriously, and consider it our duty to our mission and our audience to ensure your data is secure when accessing information from our website.

It’s Reproaction’s goal to keep your digital footprint far away from the hands of Big Tech, which has repeatedly proved itself untrustworthy on access to accurate abortion information and unable to appreciate its obligations to assure the safety of people seeking information about reproductive health care online. [4] That is why you can browse our numerous resources on self-managed abortion with pills, our Fake Clinic Database, and all materials free from worry that your information could be shared or data could be harvested directly from our site. Do keep in mind that viewing YouTube videos embedded on our site, or clicking our share to Twitter or Instagram icons, could be viewed by each of those individual platforms.

Privacy is a human right, as is abortion access. For more information about what you can do to protect yourself digitally, visit the Digital Defense Fund’s informational page to learn about the following:


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