Reproaction and NARAL Missouri #ExposeFakeClinics in St. Louis

| Reproaction

By: Pamela Merritt

On Wednesday, July 19, Reproaction and NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri held a visibility action at Birthright’s anti-abortion fake clinic in St. Louis, Mo. The visibility action was part of Lady Parts Justice’s #ExposeFakeClinics national week of action organized from July 17 through 26. Birthright, along with 68 other fake clinics in Missouri, is funded through tax credits and federal TANF funds allocated to states with the intention of feeding hungry children. While people experiencing pregnancy-related issues are dying at an alarming rate, and infant mortality rates in Missouri rank us alongside some third world countries, Missouri continues to prioritize the anti-abortion movement’s agenda by supporting these fake clinics that lack the capacity to address maternal and infant mortality.

In Missouri, anti-abortion fake clinics are unregulated by state or local law. Their staff use aggressive and deceptive tactics to prevent people from receiving accurate information regarding their reproductive health care options. Black women in Missouri are four times more likely to experience pregnancy-related complications, regardless of wealth and education. There are neighborhoods in Missouri with an infant mortality rate that is worse than some developing countries, like Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Missouri’s support for anti-abortion fake clinics is not only funded by taxpayers, but unnecessarily risks the lives of pregnant people and babies.

Join us and demand Missouri Gov. Greitens stop prioritizing the anti-abortion movement’s agenda ahead of the lives of women and infants. Take action now.

For more information about the #ExposeFakeClinics week of action, visit

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