What’s in a Name? A Lot, If You’re A Fake Clinic Trying to Trick People

| Reproaction

By: Shireen Shakouri

Human Coalition wants one thing: to hide their true anti-abortion agenda from women seeking abortions. And they’ve been having a harder time with it since Reproaction and our supporters began our work to expose the shame and deceit they propagate at their fake clinics. We’ve called out their creepy experimentation tactics, internet manipulation, targeting of youth, and the many flavors of their racial insensitivity and stereotyping. [1-4]

We didn’t expect them to appreciate the spotlight we shined on their shady tactics and some repugnant statements by their founder Brian FIsher, but we didn’t quite expect them to change the name of their fake clinics! Human Coalition doesn’t use its organizational name to advertise any of the fake clinics they operate, and instead was using the benign “Cura Women’s Care Clinic” in its Atlanta, Georgia; Grapevine, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Raleigh, North Carolina, centers.

But after our large direct action exposing their Atlanta location during Netroots Nation last summer, we noticed they stopped calling the center there the “Cura Women’s Care Clinic,” which was the public-facing name of their fake clinics. In fact, the Atlanta location is no longer listed on their Cura main page, and their Raleigh location is being called “Curo.”




As you can see, they’re going through a bit of an identity crisis. It seems Human Coalition is moving on from “Cura” to the name “The Women’s Clinic,” which they previously used for dummy web pages they created as a landing page when someone clicked on their targeted ads for search terms like “abortion Atlanta.” These sites look like they’re for real medical providers, but only serve to push the visitor to call and make an appointment at their fake clinics:

The fact that they’re going back to the bogus name originally used just as a placeholder on their dummy websites means we probably caught them off guard, and they’re stumped enough to going back to the drawing board to find another catchy name for their fake clinics to trick people seeking abortion care. Holding slippery fake clinic chains like Human Coalition accountable is not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be a quick battle, either. But we are taking the wins when they come – and watching them spend their ill-gotten donor money on rebranding and new signage sure feels like they’re on defense!


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